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TV host campaigns for disabled models

lucy alexander with her daughter kitty

TV presenter Lucy Alexander has campaigned for more disabled models to be considered by the fashion industry.

After reading a tweet from a social media user urging the sector to widen its inclusively in 2020 for people with disabilities the Homes Under the Hammer star took to Twitter where she added her support.

Her post attracted a string of replies, one read: “Totally agree Lucy. My little boy was born missing his right forearm and hand.

“Whilst he is a little inspiration, he just wants to live his life like everybody else and should be treated as an equal.”

Another said: “Disabilities, missabilities.... WHY don’t people see every human being as a person that is capable of doing whatever they choose no matter what they carry in life ?? Empower the mind, NOT the body!”

A third said: “I broke my back and ribs in September falling over the dog. I was going to message you then but will now. Your beautiful daughter who I kept thinking about was my inspiration to getting back up.

“It made me appreciate everything let alone how public transport is not equipped.”

Alexander was inspired by the campaign after her daughter Kitty was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis ten years ago in February 2010.

She told Express online: “Just thought how true this actually is.

“My friends and family always say my daughter is such an inspiration which she is but let’s mix up a bit more.”

Lucy remembered her daughter’s illness last year tweeting: “This date will be forever etched on my mind. My daughter 9 years ago became instantly paralysed at school from a virus that attacked her spinal cord. What a journey it's been.

“As her mum I'm just so proud of the amazing woman she has become. Kitty [love] you so much,”

Lucy Alexander has also expressed her excitement over the range of emojis supporting disabled people.

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