'Pleasure suit' for disabled people

a lady wearing the Ripple Sexperience
a lady wearing the Ripple Sexperience Image credit:

It’s a sticky taboo subject, but almost everyone does it…How many of you masturbate?

We guess almost every one of you, but some people with a severe disability are unable to pleasure themselves and for most of us that is unimaginable.

Help is at hand – literally! – from three Taiwanese inventors who have designed a special suit which can relieve those who can’t do it for themselves.

Fitted with inflatable heated bladders which give the sensation of touch, vibration and pressure to reproductive organs the Ripple Sexperience is much more than an ordinary suit you would buy in Primark!

Szu-Ying Lai, Hsin-Jou Huang, and Chia-Ning Hsu, who designed the costume, said in a press release: “Heated, air-inflated cushions are placed at the sensitive areas such as breasts and thighs and the air cushions will gradually inflate along the muscle to simulate the feeling of touching and caressing.

“There are also some stimulations such as vibration for women, and pressure in the men’s crotch area.”

The suit even comes with a face mask and earphones which plays soothing music!

Of course users will want some alone time when they are wearing the suit so it comes with a wireless remote which tells their carer when it’s ‘safe’ to return to the room.

The inventors say: “Putting on/taking off clothes is part of the caregiver’s daily routine. And this is the main reason why we designed Ripple in the form of clothing.

“By doing so, the caregiver feels less embarrassed when assisting since they’re simply helping the disabled person to put on/ take off the clothes. Meanwhile, the user can also feel more comfortable when being assisted, which raises their willingness to use the product.”

For more information on the Ripple Sexperience visit the Behance website.