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It sounds like the lamest title for a fundraiser ever dreamt up, but ‘Sock Aid’ isn’t coming to a venue or a TV set near you.

No, it isn’t a charity gig or a tedious Telethon – it’s a gadget which helps people who struggle to put on their socks independently.

The device, albeit a bit chunky, requires no bending and can be operated single handily.

To put a sock on just position Sock Aid® between your thighs and place the sock in the hollow area. Once the sock is rolled down it will be turned inside out and opened up.

When you’re ready just slip your foot through the sock and your socks will fit over your feet with ease.

How do you take your socks off? It’s just as simple!

Slide the two components together and gently push the pronged end of the gadget between the top of the sock and the ankle.

The sock will stay attached to the contraption so there’s no need to bend down and pick it up.

For more information visit the Sock Aid® website.

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