Price hits back at trolls

Katie Price and Harvey
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Most of us enjoy receiving a social media shout-out from a celebrity, but for someone in Manchester receiving a message from former glamour model Katie Price…it was a hugely embarrassing experience!

The alleged ‘troll’ was hunted down by Katie after he posted ‘sickening’ images and messages about her disabled son Harvey.

He wasn’t the only offensive person uploading upsetting messages on Facebook directed at Harvey, Katie has publically shamed a number of users on social media who have posted similar distressing posts.

The man in Manchester denied any involvement, he issued an apology which stated: "For the record. I never made any of these Harvey Price pictures I just posted it.

I would like to apologise to Katie Price and family and this will never happen again.

"I am a lovely person inside and I think Harvey is a lovely person. I really do.

"It was very immature of myself.

"This will not happen again and I am deeply sorry.

"I agree what I posted/shared was disgusting - it will NEVER happen again.

"The people that know the real me, know that I am a genuine loving person.

"Again I am sorry."

A number of people have mocked Harvey, who has Prader-Willli syndrome , autism and ADHD , on social media sites.