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Agency launches for budding models with disabilities

Two models signed to Zebedee management

Zoe Proctor and Laura Johnson have just announced the launch of the first ever UK modelling agency for people with physical and learning disabilities.

Zebedee Management have already teamed up with River Island and signed world-class wheelchair tennis champ James Shaw to their books.

Performing arts teacher Zoe and her sister-in-law Laura started work on the new venture earlier this year after noticing a shortage of professional models with disabilities.

Zoe told the Daily Mail: 'Diversity in advertising is increasingly important. But people with disabilities are often overlooked, though there's now an improved awareness of disability following the Paralympics and Invictus Games and of course the London games which are being held this week.

'There are over two million people with disabilities in the UK, and most people are either effected by disability directly, or know someone who is.

'We need to bring the world of fashion up to date.'

Social worker Laura added: 'There are still a lot of barriers to break down when it comes to the modelling world.

'We need more plus size models and there are nowhere near enough older people represented on the catwalk, but the real omission is people with disabilities.

'The government minister for disabled people has called on the fashion industry to increase the representation of people with disabilities, so in that respect we do have the backing of government.

'And there has been a lot of discussion around getting more people with disabilities into paid employment - and this is what we hope to do; create opportunities for people with disabilities.'

For more information go to the Zebedee Management Facebook Page.

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