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Model posts skin disease images on Instagram

Anaïs Gallagher taking a selfie showing her skin marks
Anaïs Gallagher taking a selfie showing her skin marks Image credit: instagram.com

Eighteen-year-old Anaïs Gallagher has shared a selfie which shows skin marks on her waist and ankles as the model reveals to her 140,000 Instagram followers she has been diagnosed with psoriasis.

If the surname sounds familiar that’s because Anaïs is the daughter of rock ‘n’ roll star Noel and his ex-wife Meg Matthews.

The teenager has just signed a contract with fashion e-tailer Nasty Gal but she didn’t want to edit her recent images because the marks would raise awareness about the condition.

She added the comment, 'I would usually edit the marks on my waist and my ankles out of the picture as I suffer with psoriasis and it’s something I’m really self conscious about BUT tryna be well into that self loving stuff and I owe it to you guys to set a good example .. maybe one day when I’m ready I’ll show you what it was like when it was really bad ❤️

Her mum said Anaïs would upload photos when her psoriasis is at its worse when she is ‘ready’.

The Nasty Gal campaign with Anaïs Gallagher was shot in the Pink Motel in Los Angeles.