Model climbs Mount Elbrus for charity

Luissa Burton
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Let’s face it. Having a skin condition is the best start if you wish to peruse a professional modelling career, but Luissa Burton was determined not to allow her physical appearance hold her back.

Winning last year’s ‘Miss Europe World’ was a huge boost for the model from Worchester and an eye-opener for the people who stare at her on the street.

Growing up was tough for Luissa who felt isolated at an early age after being diagnosed with eczema and, more recently, psoriasis.

“At school, children used to call me a leper and a lizard and move away from me in fear that they could catch my skin condition,” she told i News.

With the 2018 under her belt Burton is setting her sights even higher – and we mean that in a literal sense.

She now plans to climb Mount Elbrus, one of the highest mountains in Europe, to raise money for the British Skin Foundation.

Luissa told Worcester News: "As a sufferer of eczema and psoriasis I wanted to take on a challenge to raise funds for the research of skin conditions and skin cancers.

"A large amount of the population has been affected by a skin condition at any time and conditions can cause severe low self-esteem, depression and even lead to suicide.

"Although mostly I now have mine under control and in remission, I do occasionally have flare ups that cover my entire body.

“Having an auto immune skin condition is a part of me. They are not “broken” parts of me, it will always be in my system. Yes it comes and goes and sometimes gets better entirely or sometimes covers my entire body.”

She added: "This used to be by permanent reality for a number of years until I was able to manage the underlying causes, so I fully understand the low feelings and reactions of society surrounding having a chronic skin condition.

"Having been in the modelling industry for over a decade, I was determined not to let it stop me from achieving my dreams.

"Reaching the summit with my Miss Europe World sash is a symbol of overcoming my limitations, challenges and hurdles during my modelling career.

"The hope is to inspire anyone who may be reading this that has a personal limitation whatever that may be.”

Reliving her victory at MTV’s Miss Europe World competition last year Burton said: "I wish to use the title to show others that despite whatever their limitation in life, mine being working in the modelling industry with eczema and psoriasis skin conditions, we all have our own personal mountains to climb.”

Luissa Burton starts her climb up Mount Elbrus on September 22nd. You can make a donation here.