Model turned down by London Fashion Week

Jue Snell
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An amputee has revealed she was turned down by London Fashion Week because one of the recruiters told her, “We don’t do disabled.’.

When Jue Snell from Chesire was told she had to have her left arm amputated it made her even more determined to break into the fashion industry and change people’s perceptions of people with disabilities.

In 2014 the psychology student was electrocuted plugging in a laptop, after the accident she developed sepsis in her left arm and was later diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Snell was bed-bound for three to four days a week for the next year. In March 2015 doctors told her the only way forward was to amputate her arm.

The model, represented by Zebedee Management, now works in business transformation and performance management as well as a motivational speaker and coach.

Despite her inspirational career she was knocked back when auditioning for London Fashion Week 2020.

At the meeting she was told disabled models were not welcome at the event when a recruiter from Fashion Scout pointed to Jue’s arm and asked ‘What is that?’ before telling her to ‘move on’.

In an interview with The Times Snell said: ‘I’ve been through a lot, I’m quite a tough cookie, but I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone make me feel as different and as worthless, really, as they did.’

Sharing the experience on Instagram Snell said: ‘We must put ourselves out there to talk about the discrimination we have received, in order to stop this from happening again.’

‘It is heartbreaking to experience this first hand and on a regular basis. Whether it’s blatant discrimination or indirectly — it’s dreadful!’

Jue Snell was on the cover of “Models of Diversity”2020 calendar.