Kim Kardashian launches inclusive collection

Amputee models wearing undergarments available from The Adaptive Collection
Amputee models wearing undergarments available from The Adaptive Collection Image credit:

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear company SKIMS has launched a clothing line for people who struggle dressing themselves.

The Adaptive Collection includes adaptive bras and underwear in four styles ranging from $18 [for briefs], $22 [boy shorts] and $32 for the bras.

Each item of clothing comes are available from size XXS to 4X and were launched on May 2.

All the undergarments include hook and eye closures which makes it easier to put on and take off.

The collection has been praised by Paralympian Scout Bassett who endorsed SKIMS in a video posted on the brand’s Instagram account.

Bassett, 33, said: 'They're awesome because it has the hook and eye closure around the sides here,' gushed the track and field athlete.

'It's really great for people like myself because to get into typical panties, usually I have to sit down and put my prosthetic through one side and then my other leg through the other side. 

'With this, you can be standing, you can be sitting, you can be in any position, it's really easy to be able to get in and out of it.'

She continued: 'Unlike other adaptive lines that feature zippers, which are a little bit bulky, Velcro, which sticks to everything, or even magnets, which are heavy and also create bulk, I really like that the hook and eye closure is very low profile.

'It's flat, it's lightweight. You can wear tops over it and you wouldn't even see the fact that it has an adaptive element.

'One of the other things I really love about the hook and eye closure is that everything is located in the front, so it's easy to get to and it makes it more accessible for people that have perhaps low range of motion or mobility.'

Bassett, who uses a prosthetic leg after losing a limb in a fire when she was a baby, went on to congratulate SKIMS for making the clothes available in a range of sizes.

'Another nice element of this collection is that it provides people with options and styles and colors,' she said.

'That's something that the adaptive community is not always offered. Usually, you get one option and everybody has to choose from the same color, the same style, and it's great that this new SKIMS collection features both a thong, a brief, and a boy short, and it comes in several different color options. So something for everybody.'

Another model supporting the brand is Stefanie Schaffer, 25, who suffered a spinal cord injury when she was involved in a 2018 boating explosion causing a severe brain injury.

Schaffer, who lost both legs, told People magazine: 'From the moment that I was booked for the shoot, the entire SKIMS team was so professional, and so considerate, making sure they took all of our accessibility needs into consideration.

'They made me feel beautiful and confident and worthy of being there.'

She added: 'A brand like SKIMS releasing an adaptive collection is so important.

'So this was saying to us that being disabled doesn’t mean you have to compromise. You don’t have to miss out on shopping at your favorite brands because [SKIMS] can see that [you’re] valued and taken into consideration.

'Sometimes I’ll be exhausted just from getting clothes on for the day. So even just these basics of bras and underwear being easier, is like, such a relief. Serious props to SKIMS for this.’

A message on SKIM’s Instagram account said: 'We’re on a mission to provide more solutions for more people,' it wrote. 'The desire for comfort is universal. 

'That’s why we’ve reinvented our best-selling silhouettes with sleek and subtle hook and eye closures, while keeping the same fit and feel you love from our Fits Everybody range.

'Made from our signature buttery-soft Fits Everybody fabric, the Adaptive bralettes and panties feature discreet hook and eye closures that softly mold to your body for an invisible look under clothing.'

For more information visit the SKIMS website