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Keisha Greaves

It took Keisha Greaves a few years to come to terms with her condition, but once she accepted inspirational woman wanted to help others.

She was 24 when doctors diagnosed her with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, being in her twenties it was difficult news to get her head around.

Now aged 32, Keisha, from Massachusetts, is behind her own fashion project, Girls Chronically Rock, which aims to support others living with MS and encouraging them to live life to the full.

Speaking to Greaves said: ‘I always loved to wear graphic t-shirts with different colours and designs.

‘So I thought why not come up with a t-shirt line to share my story and help bring disability awareness?

‘That’s why I feel like why Girls Chronically Rock started.’

Keisha knows her new found strength, she told the publication: ‘You don’t realise how strong you are until you’re dealing with something.

‘Every day I wake up, I don’t know how my body will feel. I can’t raise my right arm to say, give you a handshake or a proper hug.

‘Things like getting dressed on a regular basis is a constant challenge for me.’

On a positive note Greaves spoke on how well business is going.

‘The orders are going well. I recently added a child collection which is cool.

‘I like to tell people about my brand and bring awareness to what is going on. I have connected with a lot of people through that.’

She added: ‘I just want to create awareness of disability to a big community. ‘I want people to be aware of what Girls Chronically Rock is.

‘I get lots of messages on Instagram with people saying things like “oh wow, I love your story”.

‘It makes me feel good. I’m hoping we can end up in Macey’s and local boutiques on 34 street in Manhattan – all over the place!’

For more information visit the Girls Chronically Rock website.

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