Facebook rejects amputee naked image

the image of vicky balch facebook removed
the image of vicky balch facebook removed Image credit: bbc website

A disability campaigner has challenged Facebook after his page was blocked for showing “disturbing” images of an amputee model.

Simon Sansome was told he was no longer able to use the social media site after he posted a naked picture of Vicky Balch, who lost her leg on the Smiler rollercoaster at Alton Towers in 2015.

The activist, who works at Ability Access, told BBC Newsbeat: "That photo of Vicky has been on our page for a number of years now, and it's a fantastic photo which is empowering women and people with disabilities.

"It's a picture that's been widely shared on social media, in newspapers and celebrated by our disabled community."

Facebook said the image was taken down because it was “depicting adult content, as there is a partially covered topless female in the video".

Because the picture was part of an advert it fell under stricter guidelines compared to a standard post.

The Social media site added: "If Mr Sansome is able to remove this particular image from the video, the advert would be approved and allowed to run."

Vicky Balch painted her scars gold from the accident in a fashion photo shoot last year.