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Disabled Models take to the catwalk at Moscow Fashion Week

models of diversity fashion show

The fashion industry has built up a cut-throat reputation and if you aren’t tall, dark and handsome the chances of you walking down a catwalk is already yesterday’s news.

However, last weekend in Russia the ‘in-thing’ was disability. Well, it was at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week over in Moscow!

Designers Sabina Gorelik, Masha Sharoeva, Christine Wolf, Oksana Livencova, Dmitriy Neu, Albina Bikbulatova, Daria Razumihina and Miguel Angelo Fenandes showed off their new work tailored made for disabled people and those living with achondroplasia. The clothes were modelled by photographic individuals who had disabilities themselves.

The project which goes under the banner ‘Models without border’ which strives to bring disabled awareness into the fashion industry. Chelsey Hay, an ambassador for models with disabilities said, 'At Models Of Diversity we strive for disabled models to be embraced and not excluded in fashion, this show in Russia has done exactly that.

'It is amazing to see another country follow suit after the use of disabled model Danielle Sheybuk in New York Fashion Week back in February.

'Of course we don't want this to be a one off, lets see permanent disabled models, in every aspect of fashion!

'The UK needs to up its game, other countries are doing it, very disappointing that we are not.'

You can have a front row seat if you visit our Facebook page where you can catch all the action from the show.

For more information visit the Models of Diversity website.

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