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Model inspires girl in a wheelchair

Maren Anderson looking at the advert

When Maren Anderson saw an advert in a shop window featuring a disabled model she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

The four year-old with a rare gene mutation had only just started using a wheelchair, she was still adapting to her new set of wheels and didn’t feel confident using it in public.

However, when the girl passed the window of an Ultra Beauty store in Leesburg, Virginia, she was in awe of the model looking right back at her. Here was somebody, just like her and looking absolutely stunning!

Once home from the shopping trip last month her mum, Carolyn, shared the episode on Facebook posting the message: ‘Well Ulta, you absolutely stopped my girl in her tracks this evening.

‘It was mesmerizing to watch her stop, turn and gaze at this poster. So thank you.’

The mother added: ‘She was so eager.

‘We could barely get her to stop at crosswalks. ‘Then, she suddenly stopped, and focused all her attention on this image of a woman in a wheelchair like hers. It was amazing.’

When Ulta Beauty heard how their advert had inspired the little girl a spokesperson told WRC-TV: ‘We love that this family shared such an amazing moment and were touched to see Maren looking at the image in our window – it makes us incredibly proud.

‘We feel even more inspired to continue to feature amazing people that help us shape how the world sees beauty.’

Ulta are now trying to arrange Maren to meet the model.

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