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Disabled boy overjoyed with diversity fashion doll

Harlen Evert with Kmart diversity doll

A young schoolboy in Brisbane has become attached to a doll which has a disability similar to him.

Harlen Evert,5, has septo-optic dysplasia, developmentally delays and uses a cane another factor the youngster has to live with is wearing a pair of thick glasses.

Having a chunky piece of eyewear just above his nose made him a bit image conscious until he received a Kmart diversity fashion doll wearing the same type of glasses and holding a walking cane.

Harlen told A Current Affair: ‘She has fluffy hair and a cane and glasses like me!'

His mum, Emma, said: 'I was a little bit emotional, it's something different that I haven't seen before.

'He did a big squeal, he was super excited and he said 'it's got a cane like me mum, how does it even have a cane like me'. I think it's great for all visually impaired or kids with disabilities to see themselves represented on a shelf.'

Other dolls in the Kmart Fashion Dolls diversity range includes characters with hearing loss, bionic legs and wheelchair users.

Ms Evert said: 'Kmart absolutely killing it with the new range of inclusive dolls,' she wrote on Facebook.

'It is so important that kids with disabilities are represented in TV, books and toys. It's equally important their typical developing peers have exposure to these things.

'It empowers kid's to celebrate ability!'

John Gualtieri, Kmart Retail Director Australia & New Zealand, told Daily Mail Australia: ‘We want all of our customers, especially our littlest ones, to be able to find products that they can truly relate to; and we're committed to championing inclusion and diversity to make sure this happens.

'That's why we're so excited to introduce our newest assortment of Fashion Dolls, which reflect people living with disabilities.

'We want children to see themselves represented in these dolls and we want to help them learn more about people who are different to themselves.

'It’s so important for kids to see toys and dolls with disabilities; to have them play in their imaginary world and then normalise it for real life.

'We hope these dolls help children celebrate all of the wonderful things that make us different and unique; and that they can help remove some of the stigma around disability.'

Kmart diveristy fashion dolls.

Each doll is $6 and can be ordered from the Kmart website.

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