Cosmetics for those with a shaky hand

the add on products from Grace Beauty
the add on products from Grace Beauty Image credit:

Making yourself look decent before you step out your front door takes time, but if you have an unsteady hand it can be very time consuming.

Make-up brand Grace Beauty appreciate applying mascara requires a steady hand so, bearing this in mind, they have just announced three add-on products, which will go on sale soon, to make the process a little easier for those who need it.

First out the make-up bag is The Ring Grip described as “a general aid for anyone,” which is very difficult to drop.

Next there’s The Square Grip which is easy to open, hold and control thanks to its subtle hexagonal shape.

Finally there’s The Safe Grip which comes in the form of a rubber ball which makes the cosmetic easier to hold and allows the user to have more control.

Announcing the news on their website Grace Beauty said: “Anyone, regardless of ability, should be able to use any beauty product they want to.

“To help this cause, we’re making accessories for people with disabilities. Starting with mascara, we created add-ons for better grip, control and safety.”

The company has asked for feedback on their new add-ons via their social media platforms by posting messages such as “What do you think of it? Can it be helpful and do you like the design?” and “This product we’re especially interested to hear your opinion on!”

Unsurprisingly the response has been extremely positive.

One person tweeted: “this is honestly such a game changer. i work in an office, type all day, and hold my phone up - my hand HURTS. mascara wand with a ring to hold?? i’ll take twenty.”

Another wrote: “I just started crying when I saw this. Guess I didn’t realize how important this was to me until I saw it existed”

Grace Beauty will be launching this year.