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Company designs access underwear

a pair of men's undercare underwear

A clothing firm in New York has designed a brand of underwear for disabled people who have difficulty going to the loo.

Research shows over 25 million people in the States have a severe disability, so there’s quite a demand for the new clothing wear!

Susanne Shoemaker launched UNDERCARE in 2011 after she noticed some women in her local YMCA locker room were struggling to dress themselves after swimming class. Quite a few were trying to pull up their underwear using a grabby stick or having to ask for help.

Shoemaker told Accesswear: "I started trying to spatially figure out a better design. I began cutting and sewing underwear together to develop a prototype. I went to department stores and bought two pair of the same style, same size.

“I combined the two pair into one. Instead of putting on underwear one leg at a time, you simply wrap and fasten Undercare with soft and flexible hook and loop. We think of ourselves as the anti-Spanx. Rather than squeezing into your underwear, Undercare wraps you in a hug, kind of like putting on a bathrobe. Who says you need to put on your underwear the old-fashioned way?"

With the help of all Velcro® Suzanne found a suitable replacement to fasten the underwear together and in 2013 she was awarded her first patent for UNDERCARE.

Since then Shoemaker has not only made the Top Ten Finalists in the SBA’s InnovateHer Competition, she was also invited to the White House roundtable on “Women and Innovation”.

Explaining why UNDERCARE is so important Suzanne said: Imagine how you would feel if each and every day started with the embarrassment of needing to rely on someone else to put on clean underwear? It's like starting every morning two laps behind the rest of the world.

"Our fashion inclusive product line aims to provide what is important: hygiene, comfort and a foundation for confidence through dignity, independence, and safety in self-dressing. For so many of our customers, this truly is life-changing."

For more information visit the UNDERCARE website.

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