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Björn Borg launches fashion wear in the UK

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If we told you a few hours ago we were surrounded by scantily dressed models, a couple of hot tubs and a drwaful of boxer shorts you would probably question where the hell we were on Thursday evening.

Well, allow us to reveal all. Last night tennis legend Björn Borg held a glitzy party to launch his own brand of underwear in the UK. The Swedish star and his team of ball-boys transformed Battersea Power Station into a small compact version of his home country.

Inside the derelict building guests could dine on such delights as miniature, yet divine portions of mash potato, meatballs, cold meat platters and sushi. The complimentary bar served every drink under the Swedish sun and replicas of sauna seats doubled up for platforms models could dance on showing off the fashion range before they congregated for a fashion show down the catwalk.

Leaving the warm, cosy surroundings of miniature Sweden just for ten or fifteen minutes guests were ushered outside for a 4D Experience.

You are probably asking the same question as we were when we received our invites – What’s a 4D Experience?

Well, allow us to describe it for you. Guests and those around Vauxhall Bridge last night, witnessed a short film advertising Borg’s underwear projected onto a spray of water over the River Thames before returning to the party to enjoy exclusive live performances by Coco Sumner and Robyn.

Björn Borg may have put down his tennis racquet for good in 1993 after a brief spell of retirement eight years earlier but is still one of the most popular sports around the world and the good news is you don’t have to be able-bodied to join in.

Wheelchair Tennis is one of the fundamental sports in the 2012 Paralympic Games. Earlier this week ABLE2UK gave you the background to Eton Manor , the venue where the sport will be played this summer.

If you aren’t an Olympian there’s other places to be involved in Wheelchair Tennis, try serving a few balls over towards the Tennis Foundation Website , they are actually in the process of signing people up for their Tennis Camps.

Another court you may be interested to visit is the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Tour Facebook page where you can find more information about the game and the tournaments being held around the world.

Tennis can be a tough exhilarating game so maybe it would be a good idea to take along an extra pair of pants with you just in case and luckily we know a certain Swedish guy who can help you out with that. Game Set and Match!

London Fashion Week runs between 17-22 February 2012

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