Amputee plans designer handbag from her own skin

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PETA will be happy to hear about a new handbag designed by an amputee – although others may not be so welcoming.

A 55-year-old woman called Joan caught the media’s attention after she posted a request online to find a fashion company who would be happy to design a bag from the discarded skin from her amputated leg.

The idea hasn’t gone down too well with others, including her own family, but Joan said she doesn’t want her leg to be ‘left to rot’.

Nevertheless, Joan heard back from Sewport who has helped her making her idea a fashion accessory.

Joan said: ‘It’s looking very likely that I’m going to have my lower left leg amputated soon. I have peripheral arterial disease

‘I was reading about the human waste scandal where they just dumped body parts in a dump to rot and I don’t want that to happen to me.

‘I was chatting to a friend about leather and how it’s essentially just treated animal skin and I had a light bulb moment - can I use my amputated leg to create something beautiful and useful?

‘I know it’s a bit strange and gross and some might think I’m crazy, but it’s my leg, and I can’t bear the thought of it being left to rot somewhere. It’s part of me and I want to keep it.’

The main bulk of the bag will be made from material such as leather with the middle feature section used from the skin off the amputated leg.

The drawing plans for Joan's hanbag

Amputees are asked to donate unwanted amputated limbs for medical research although they are allowed to take them home for private use.

Joan said: ‘A handbag is the most logical route to go down, it’s basically the same as a leather handbag but this one is with my skin, it belongs to me so why not?

‘If we use animal skin for garments and accessories then why can’t the same be done with our skin.

‘Surely there is someone out there that can apply the same methods. I know it’s gross, but people keep their baby’s umbilici chords and have relative’s ashes on display, so it’s not really that weird if you think about it.’

Founder of Sewport, Boris Hodakel, is no stranger to receiving unusual requests. He said: ‘In November we helped a woman who wanted a dress made from her dead mother’s hair find a manufacturer.

‘Having a handbag made from your leg is quite different, but different people have different needs. Not all leather manufacturers want to get involved or have the experience to do this.’

Any unwanted amputated limbs are incinerated by the NHS under strict conditions.