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Amputee inspires others on social media

Allison Lang posing laying down

A Canadian model who was born without the lower half of her left leg has been spreading awareness about her disability.

Allison Lang wants to break down the stigma associated disabled people contend with on a daily basis by uploading pictures of herself on Instagram.

The Canadian amputee told Yahoo! Life: "The root reason why I share everything online is so people don't have to suffer in silence, because online is such a highlight reel.

"I don't like when people think influencers like me live this glorious lifestyle. I still have bad days, pain and struggles just like anybody else."

So far 2023 hasn’t been the best year for Lang, a few months ago she contracted bursitis on her remaining leg, it caused a great deal of difficulty wearing the prosthetic and a considerable amount of pain.

Medics warned her to “wait it out”, but it was too painful to put weight on her leg which she found exhausting.

"It felt like an uphill battle with no end in sight. But by posting my struggle I could help people understand that we have the power within us to overcome hard things," Lang recalled.

Through that agonising time Lang knew she had to concentrate on her wellbeing, looking after her mental health she treated herself to relaxing bubble baths and cooking scrumptious meals.

"When you're in the thick of it, treat yourself like a queen. You don't have to do big things to make yourself feel better," Lang told the online publication. "Simple comfort is key, so forget about everything and try again tomorrow."

Growing up was a challenge as well, she was bullied constantly at school, but once leaving education she learnt her real lesson in life.

Realising you should follow your dreams Lang signed to a modelling agency where she posed with her prosthetic leg for brands such as Ardene, Dove and Joe Fresh.

"The overall experience with Joe Fresh was amazing. The campaign was about moving and celebrating our bodies, and I just felt really secure and accepted," she said.

The ad became popular across Canada, she started receiving snaps of people who had visited her campaign in Joe Fresh stores.

Lang was especially moved when she heard from disabled people thanking her for making them feel included in the fashion industry.

"Regardless of what difference or insecurity you have, I'm hoping that if people can see me loving living in the body that I have, then they one day can get to that point too," she said.

"And I'm all for having more disabled people in fashion, and that's what I'll continue fighting for."

Lang isn’t just a model or social influencer though, she is also a motivational speaker and competes in the Canadian women’s sitting volleyball team.

She’s also not too bad at self-motivation, every time Lang looks in the mirror she reads aloud the messages written around the glass, ‘you’re beautiful’, ‘you can do this’ and ‘you’re smart.’

"I truly believe that your self perception can change over time. And it took me a very very long time," Lang said. "Self-love and body acceptance takes commitment, but I promise you it's worth it."

[ For more information visit Allison Lang’s website ]

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