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Amputee enters BumBum Tournament

Rubia Machado

Rubia Machado has made history thanks to part of her anatomy…Her butt!

The model from Brazil will be the first entrant with a disability to participate in the annual Miss BumBum tournament.

The 29-year-old lost part of her leg ten years ago when her psycho ex-boyfriend drove into her on purpose dragging one of Rubia’s legs underneath the vehicle. After the attack Machado had to have her leg amputated.

She hasn’t allowed her disability to stand in the way of living life to the max and Rubia is currently working out three days a week in the lead up to the beauty contest.

Rubia told The Sun: "My leg ended up under the wheels. We were in love and we were cousins, but we finished our relationship.

"After being in the hospital, I told myself I am not going to get into depression and thanks to my strength and the help of my family I kept going, thanks to God."

She was unable to prosecute her ex because he was under the age of legal responsibility at the time of the horrific incident.

Machado, who will be representing the state of Tocantins in Brazil, said: I want to teach people with disabilities that they should never give up, that they should trust themselves and focus on what they really want.

"You should look in the mirror and feel that you are perfect, that is what I have been doing since the accident."

This year’s BumBum tournament is expected to take place on 7th August.

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