Amber Rose parks in a disabled bay

Amber Rose in disabled bay
Amber Rose in disabled bay Image credit:

Model and fashion designer Amber Rose was snapped outside a liquor store besides her pink jeep which was parked in a bay reserved for disabled drivers.

Rose may boast a talented career which includes an acting role in MTV2’s ‘Wild ‘N Out’ and featuring on Wiz Khalifa’s 2012 release ‘Fame’ but the 140 lb 32 year old model showed no remorse when she took up a disabled bay last Friday.

Rose also managed to escape the $250 minimum parking fine as she accelerated off before a penalty could be slapped on her windscreen.

Her Pink jeep, with the number plate 7LMA 511 was parked outside the Sherman Oaks liquor store also took up the door-opening zone which even blue badge holders aren’t permitted to park in!

Over the weekend we asked you if you think celebrities who park in disabled bays should be fined a higher amount of money to set an example. The results showed 68% of you think this should be put into practice, 32% disagreed…