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ABLE2UK Fashion story of 2019

image of amputee with her walking sticks

A hashtag showcasing how fashionable disabled people can be has been attracting quite a bit of attention after a disability activist started the craze to ‘see some cool disabled style for realz’.

Maryangel Garcia-Ramos encouraged people with disabilities to share their customised accessories and stylish wear from all over the world using #ThisIsMyDisabledStyle.

Since the project was launched twitter feeds have been scrolling hundreds of images posted their flashy canes, eye fetching wheelchairs and impressive noise-cancelling headphones.

Garcia-Ramos said: 'When it comes to #disability, there is no one single story. We tend to think that, especially when in media and pop culture.

'But we all have diverse stories. That is where our power resides. #ThisisMyDisabledStyle can show the magnificence of how cool we are.'

One of the images came from a young lady in Melbourne who posted a pic of herself on crutches with the inspiring message ‘What a reason to share selfies’.

Another contribution came from a woman in Canada who added the words: 'I have so much fun playing around with my mobility aids and making them work as both functional tools that help me get around and also stylish accessories.'

One image carried the simple, yet effective message: ‘#thisismydisabledstyle and definitely dress better than ables’ (see below)

Maryangel told DailyDot: 'When it comes to fashion, we have little (although amazing) initiatives and representation of how a style could be or fashion should look like.

'Most of the time, our bodies are different, our thinking is different, and we do not fit the square standards of what "fashion" or "cool" is.'

If you tweet an image using #ThisIsMyDisabledStyle and tag @able2uk we will do our best to retweet it.

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