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‘The Man with the 10-Stone Testicles’

Let’s be honest guys, at least at one stage in our lives we will lie about the size of our manhood. Adding an extra inch here and there expands our ego and to be honest we can’t think on one male who wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to extend his size in the trouser department...except Wesley Warren Jr.

The Man with the 10-Stone Testicles

Bon Jovi play Isle of Wight Festival 2013

Last Wednesday the team at ABLE2UK had a cunning plan how we could reach out to a wider readership. Our annual festival season reports carry a weekly preview covering the disabled facilities on site appealing to those who rely on the services, bearing in mind this is a specialised area we thought we’d publish a weather forecast as well. Sharing such outlook from a reliable website we prepared you for a wet Sunday at the Isle Of Wight festival warning Bon Jovi fans they will be seeing JBJ and the boys in torrential rain which would continue from the early hours of the morning.

bon jovi playing isle of wight festival 2013

YouTube ban disabled sex video

The films starts with a narrator saying he has been in love once before going on to reveal he now experiences sexual encounters on a regular basis paying for prostitutes. As the footage ends we are introduced to the man behind the voice who is confined to a wheelchair.

asta philpot

The Full Monty Goes on Tour

When it was announced The Full Monty was to become a theatrical production those who had seen the blockbuster movie must have been thinking one thing – During the last scene will the cast members go completely nude in front of the audience each night?

the full monty stage show