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Extreme OCD Camp

In tonight’s (30 July) BBC3 documentary we follow a group of young adults embarking on a camping trip with a twist. All the youngsters cope with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a condition many people find difficult to understand and therefore those with the illness can feel isolated and afraid to share their disability with others.

extreme ocd camp

Rihanna plays T in the Park 2013

She’s left. Robyn Rihanna Fenty has already been rushed off site to catch a private jet to London where she will be a guest at the Jay Z & Justin Timberlake collaboration performance at Wireless Festival. She probably won’t be making an appearance on stage as her schedule over the past few days has been insane, even for a global superstar such as herself.

rihanna at t in the park

21 and 3ft Tall

21 and 3ft Tall, the title of tonight’s Extraordinary People episode tonight (4 July) should give you a good idea on the condition Channel 5’s fascinating documentary series is focusing on this evening.

nick smith with doctor

Rolling Stones play Glastonbury

Under normal circumstances stumbling across a 69 year-old man with a daughter to a nightclub located at a far end field of a festival during the early hours of a Saturday morning would be something out of the ordinary.

rolling stones playing glastonbury