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James play Camp Bestival

Ask most people to name two releases by James and the chances are they will struggle past ‘Sit Down’. The 1991 re-release ( in 1989 the original release reached no. 77 in the charts, two years later it shot to number 2) was a double edged sword for the Mancunian lads, on the one hand it not only catapulted them into the Britpop era, it placed the song into one of the most remembered songs of that decade. But its success drained the band when it came to live performances, for a couple of years James omitted the track from their sets. It even nearly didn’t make an airing tonight, although fortunately when Tim Booth was inundated by tweets saying no request asking for sitting on ones behind would bring children to tears, the band had no choice but to include the tune in tonight’s performance.

tim booth from james playing camp bestival

The Black Keys play Latitude Festival

The Black Keys – they’ve yet to have chart success on these shores. Their highest entry in the UK charts came with ‘Fever’ earlier this year when their recent single peaked at number 57 matching their 2012 release ‘Gold on the Ceiling’. Album wise the Americans haven’t done too badly thanks to the British public, their latest record ‘Turn Blue’ reached No. 2 although it’s their former LP ‘El Camino’ which will provide most of the tracks tonight as they round off this year’s Latitude festival.

dan auerbach from the black keys

Kanye West splits the crowd at Wireless

Twenty Four hours ago organisers of the Wireless festival announced their Saturday headliner Drake had cancelled their slot at the London festival. It was a dilemma which would take a miracle to solve, not even Christ himself could find a suitable replacement at such short notice (although he could have probably turned the watered down beer into...well, beer!) There was only one person who could save the event, the holy grail of rap, step forward ‘Yeezus’.

kanye west at wireless

12 Years Old & Caring For Mum

Those with severe disabilities may need caring at one stage or another throughout their lives, usually it’s a parent or a guardian, although in some cases the role is reversed and it’s the children who take on the responsibilities.

12 years old caring for mum

The Trouble with Mobility Scooters

For those who don’t use them mobility scooters can be annoying. There we go, we’ve said it! It’s not the type of statement you expect to read on a site dedicated to disability, but it’s the truth...a percentage of able-bodied people find those chunks on wheels crawling around supermarket aisles and chugging along roads an inconvenience.

passenger on mobility scooter

Red Hot Chilli Peppers play Isle of Wight Festival

The Saturday headliner for this years’ Isle of Wight festival remained inconspicuous for a few months. Biffy Clyro and Calvin Harris would round off Friday, Kings of Leon had the job off closing the event, but as for the act sandwiched between these heavyweights the slot remained a mystery.

red hot chilli peppers at isle of wight festival