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Woman calls This Morning apologising she’s disabled

 Deidre Sanders taking Isla's call on This Morning

Viewers of ITV’s This Morning were left heartbroken on Wednesday after one of the guests came on air apologising to her family for being disabled.

A woman called Isla phoned the show to speak to agony aunt Deidre Sanders saying she wanted to say sorry to her loved ones for being born with a disability and how her condition has affected the family.

Isla said: 'I don't really know where to start. Basically I was born disabled and I think I need to apologise to my dad and my sister.

'All of my family and one aunt in particular. I feel like I need to do it now because my mum is no longer here and I couldn't say it to her.'

The call made an emotional impact with presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield.

Philip said: 'Let me just get this straight. You want to apologise to your family for being disabled?'

'Yes, for them having to put their lives on hold because of me,' Isla replied.

Holly said: 'I understand that this is a real feeling for you because we can hear it. I can't just go, "This is crazy", because you can hear it in your voice, how much you believe that to be true.

'But your family love you. They love you, they want to be there for you and want to help you, like we would be there for each other whether you're disabled or not.'

Agony aunt Deidre told the caller: 'Absolutely, I think you need to look round the other way. You have given your family an amazing opportunity to dig into themselves, to find strength and show their love for you.

'This is a growth experience for everybody, please don't feel that you have to apologise for the fact that you have a disability in life. 

'You're wonderful, you're you. They have the privilege of loving you and the privilege of helping you when you need their help.

'I know you feel like you didn't have the chance to say sorry to your mum, you didn't need to say sorry to your mum. Your mum loved you.

'And oh God it's just so moving. Maybe do something, write your mum a letter where you put it all down. I think you will hear her voice coming back to you saying, "I loved you, you made me happy, it was a privilege being your mum".

'If your family do need more support on our website as ever there are helplines, but I think your family sound privileged and loving and together.

'Just give them a call and say how much you love them and appreciate it. You have nothing to apologise for.'

Philip said this was the first time they have heard from a caller who wanted to apologise to their family for being themselves.

'Being disabled is something you have absolute no control over and as we've found so many times can make you an even bright light in the world,' Philip said.

Viewers took to social media to say Isla had nothing to be sorry for.

One person tweeted: 'Gosh I can really sympathise with 'Isla'. I'm disabled with a host of medical conditions, I always feel like I need to apologise for being a burden. Especially since my relationship ended and my care transferred to my parents, I feel I'm holding them back from things'

Another wrote:  'Isla you absolutely do not have to apologise for being disabled. If they make you feel that way then they're the ones who should be apologising. You're absolutely perfect the way you are.'

A third added:  'The caller on @ThisMorning who wanted to apologise to her family for being a burden because she was born disabled. I bet if her family had a choice they would choose her every single time than not having her. We would've taken George home from hospital any way we could'

This Morning is on ITV, weekdays, at 10am and available afterwards on ITV Hub.

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