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Violent Night star shares mental health battle

Violent Night star shares mental health battle

Actor David Harbour spoke to The Big Issue magazine earlier this year on how finding fame has affected his mental health.

The Violent Night star was diagnosed with bipolar when he was 26 "after an episode that landed [him] in an institution" which he believes can be traced back to the time he was living in poverty.

"I have definitely been in and out of the system. And there were times in my life where very easily I could have ended up on the streets, but I luckily had a family who could [help]," he told the publication in a former interview.

Harbour went on to link the stigma around mental illness and being poor.

"There is a mental illness component that requires medication, but there also is a very social component to mental illness. It's not like a broken leg. What defines [mental illness] is social inappropriateness. But it's very socially inappropriate, in a sense, to not have enough money to live on,” he said.

In the past Harbour has shared his struggles with mental health and how his alcohol addiction nearly made him take his own life after finding fame in later life.

"What stopped me was going: 'I love this cat! Who will take care of this cat?'" he said. "Also I was horrified by the idea of dying in my apartment, not being discovered for a week and having a cat eat me,” Harbour told The Guardian in 2021.

Violent Night is showing at cinemas across the country.

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