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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney donate thousands to family with disabled son

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have made a generous donation to a family of a 10-year-old disabled son.

Louis Perrin was born with the rare condition TUBA1A, which causes leg spasms, cerebral palsy and epilepsy but has no effect on his love of football, especially his favourite team Wrexham FC.

Last Friday his parents Aaron and Charlotte were ‘blown away’ when they received a £10,000 donation from the club owners, Reynolds and McElhenney.

The family launched a fundraising page so they could make their Wrexham home more accessible for their son.

Mrs Perrin, 32, works in the emergency services, she told PA news agency:  “Louis’ carer screenshotted the donation page and was like, ‘oh my God, look at that’, and then I tried to get in touch with my husband.”

Mr Perrin, 32, is a headmaster at a local school, he said: “I was at work and was sitting in the staff room and saw I had two missed calls from Charl and then a message from one of my governors saying, ‘have you seen this?’

“I couldn’t contain it; I just told everyone in work straight away.

“We were all amazed and so pleased and we’ve had friends ringing and crying on the phone.

“We were totally blown away by their generosity really; we were just in shock.”

The donation will go towards their £40,000 target so the family can install a downstairs bedroom with a wet room and raise the level in the garden to make it more accessible for Louis.

“We’ve gone through two sets of plans with the local council and there has been no funding available due to the cost of the project, so to see the community donate, it has given us more hope that we are going to achieve our target,” Mr Perrin said.

Mrs Perrin added: “We just want him to be as independent and safe as he can be at home, and at the moment we have loads of temporary equipment, which can be a challenge as he is continuing to grow.”

Despite Louis not being able to understand how much the donation will change his life, his dad says ““loves being the centre of attention”.

Mrs Perrin added: “He was on the front of a local paper last week and we have it at home and whenever anyone comes over to the house, he points it out to them.”

The parents went on to share how much their son devotes to football, he is a huge fan!

Louis Perrin on a football pitch

Louis Perrin on a football pitch

Mr Perrin said: “When he was a baby, he would watch football on the TV a lot and its been brilliant for me as a dad to watch him be taken in by the colours, the noise and the cheering.

“Even though his speech is quite delayed, he was able to chant and cheer and it’s really helped him a lot with his speech and language.”

According to his mum Louis spins his wheelchair whilst watching matches on TV in sheer excitement and joy.

“He just feels the atmosphere and I just love sitting and watching him at the matches because he is in his element,” she said. 

Mr Perrin said: “By sharing our story, we also hope to show that we are not a unique case.

“There’s so many families with either half finished builds or they have not started building at all and they’re selling up or having to give up work to care for their disabled children as they cannot access funding.”

[ You can make a donation to the family’s fundraiser via their JustGiving page. ]

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