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Margot Robbie visits charity supporting disabled people

Margot Robbie pulling funny faces with the residents at Brisbane care home

Barbie star Margot Robbie has taken time off her busy schedule to visit an Australian charity which supports disabled people.

The 33-year-old actress met residents at Brisbane Care Home, run by Young Care OZ, an organisation which designs and builds Specialist Disability Accommodation for high physical support needs.

Syvia Jones, presenter of Australian TV breakfast show Today Extra, is a patron of the charity.

She posted a picture of the Hollywood star with her arms around a man in a wheelchair at the home and shared a group photo of Robbie pulling funny faces with the residents and carers.

Jones captioned the pic: 'Margot Robbie may be one of the most recognisable women in the world right now, but on a recent visit to Australia the Barbie star pulled off a secret mission for Young Care.

‘Surprising the residents and carers at one of their Brisbane homes. We can't thank Margot enough for her very genuine commitment and for using her star power to support young Australians living with high care disabilities.'

Speaking to CBS Sunday Morning, Robbie revealed she spent her first pay-packet paying off the mortgage on her mother’s $490,000 home in Southport, Australia.

'Everything I owed my mum I had it written down. She'd take money out of the house mortgage [to] lend me money,' she explained.

'So I always knew, I was like, "I gotta pay that back". And then one day, when I made enough money, I just paid that whole mortgage off completely.’

[ The first scene of the Barbie movie is an homage to 2001: Space Odyssey. ]

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