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Jonathan Ross’ daughter accused of faking her disability

Jonathan Ross with his daughter Betty Kitten

The daughter of Jonathan Ross and his film producer Jane Goldman has been accused of faking her disability and been a victim of bullying from online trolls.

Betty Kitten developed chronic fatigue syndrome [CFS] and fibromyalgia during lockdown - both disabilities are invisible although the 32-year-old has to use a wheelchair on a daily basis.

Last year she went out for a meal with her celebrity father, it was her first outing for three years after being stuck indoors for months on end.

Kitten used her Instagram account to bring awareness of her health problems, where explained CFS can cause "extreme fatigue, sleep problems, and cognitive problems in those who suffer from it (as well as some other possible symptoms such as headaches, heart issues, and muscle pain)."

But she has been accused of being “dramatic” and faking an illness to gain publicity and media attention.

Kitten told Express.co.uk that she plans to block those who perceived she was “all better” after posting pictures of herself wearing makeup.

She told her followers: "Being able to look hot and put on makeup doesn't make my illnesses go away (unfortunately).

“I know these comments are meant in good faith but they are upsetting for me and can be upsetting for other chronically ill people to see."

[ In 2011 Jonathan Ross achieved a l when he published his very own comic book, Turf, which was set in 1929 New York at the height of prohibition. ]

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