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Jimmy Carr offends deaf audience member

Jimmy Carr on stage

Jimmy Carr has been slammed for making fun of people with hearing loss as part of his stand-up set during a warm-up gig ahead of a new tour.

The comedian has been accused of being “vile to the deaf community” after he “put down those who have a tough life” during a show at the Orchard West Theatre in Dartford, Kent on February 29th.

Carly Ahlen was in the audience that night, she wasn’t impressed by Carr’s comedy routine. The 44-year-old was forced to leave the army after being left “profoundly deaf”.

During the performance Carr asked her why she was weaning a beret, she lifted the headwear to reveal it was covering a hearing device hoping the show would “move on”.

Ahlen was using an app on her phone, designed for people with hearing loss, so she could follow Carr’s routine.

But later in the show Carr spotted Ahlen glancing at her mobile, he asked if she was going to "call for backup from the French Resistance".

Ahlen told the Daily Star: "Then, he was talking about how you can say anything about deaf people because they can't hear you. I was shocked – this isn't comedy! Comedy is an amazing tool for progressive change, yet Jimmy decided to use his platform to put down those who have a tough life."

She went on to say there is a difference between telling a “joke” and being “absolutely insulting”.

Ahlen said it was “just not acceptable” and Carr “doesn’t need to do that” because he is “rich enough”.

After the show she shared the story with the British Deaf Association and Hi Kent, a local charity supporting people with hearing loss.

A spokesperson from Hi Kent told Metro: "We at Hi Kent do all we can to promote inclusion and understanding of the challenges faced by those living with hearing loss and do not condone any lack of understanding for people with this 'invisible' disability.”

[ Jimmy Carr’s Laughs Funny tour will start touring the UK later this year. ]

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