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Find out about the Changing Faces charity

Find out about the Changing Faces charity

PUTTING ON A BRAVE FACE.  Information on the Changing Faces charity.

Some of you may have watched the launch of Channel 4's latest 'shock' series called 'Beauty and the Beast: Ugly Face of Prejudice. Far from being a children’s fairy tale the show reflects on the partnership between a facial or body disfigurement, how can we put this?, a normal human being.

Until the producers start a spin-off series which will naturally be titled Celebrity Beauty and the Beast and rope in the likes of Prince Charles and Camilla the five remaining programmes you will be able to watch soon include a cancer patient and a bloke suffering from Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare condition where facial bones and ears don't develop in the womb.

Body disfigurement can be a nightmare as well as a sheer embarrassment, especially when you are going out in public. So, it's good to know there's a charity 'facing' up to the fact that some people need support and that charity is called 'Changing Faces'.

Despite it's name Changing Faces help those with all kinds of body disfigurements. They offer counseling services to those of all ages work closely with schools and employees and have a great working relationship with the government, media and opinion leaders.

There are 111 people in the UK living with a serve facial disfigurement, with the fantastic help and support Changing Faces provides their lives can be made a little bit easier.

There's a link to their site below or, and forgive the inappropriate pun on words, you can even join their facebook page.

Beauty and the Beast: Ugly Face of Prejudice is on Channel 4, Wednesday nights at 8pm.

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