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Charlie Sheen tells the world .. I'm not bipolar

Charlie Sheen tells the world .. I'm not bipolar

'I'm not bi-polar, I'm bi-winning',

Charlie Sheen claimed earlier this week after being centre attention of a never-ending stream of stories which made Mel Gibson look like the sanest person in Hollywood.

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when Sheen started to go off the rails but back in 1980 the first real signs of Sheen's erratic behaviour, because he shot his fiancée, Kelly Preston in the arm! Even though the shooting was an accident (his revolver which was permanently lodged in Sheen's back pocket fell to the floor and went off) the incident sent alarm bells opposed to wedding bells to Preston and she broke off the marriage.

Later the same year Sheen checked into a rehab because of "extreme exhaustion due to an arduous filming schedule".

Five years later despite being married to Donna Peele Sheen found himself in front of a judge confessing up to spending £30,000 on hookers and in 1998 the troubled actor returned to rehab after sniffing cocaine up his nose whenever he had the chance.

Peele managed to see sense and settled for a divorce making way for Sheen's next culprit to tie the wedding vows, Bond actress Denise Richards in June 2002.

Unsurprisingly the following three years didn't so see so much as pussy-galore, but charlie-needs-more. Sheen was back to his old habits and the drug abuse led to alleged threats of violence towards Richards who filed for divorce in 2005.

Brooke Mueller was the next wife to be on the receiving end of Sheen's violent ways, as a result the actor found himself lumbered with 30 days back in rehab, 30 days of probation and raking up 36 hours of anger management.

After a five year spell or relative good behaviour Sheen started round 2 of his erratic spells kicking off in October 2010 when police were summoned to the Plaza Hotel in New York. They found Sheen pissed and drugged up to the eyeballs whilst his partner, Capri Anderson was hiding in the cupboard after Sheen had thrown another hissy fit after loosing his wallet and mobile phone.

The past three months have seen Sheen's behaviour spiral to an all-time low. In January he spent £13,000 on drugs and booze after a 36-hour impressive bender which saw the actor being rushed to hospital after complaining about abdominal pains. CBS halted the filming of Sheen's TV series, Two And A Half Men as a result of his irrational behaviour.

A month later CBS thought they would give Sheen a second chance, they decided to return to filming. However after Sheen freaking once again after hearing his former wife, Brooke had left him the actor made a public spat on national radio slagging off CBS staff. The company retaliated by pulling the plug from the TV series.

To drown his sorrows Sheen paid for a new tattoo, which reads "Death From Above” and after receiving an 11-page termination to his contract decided to wave a machete over the streets of LA from his balcony.

A few days ago Sheen denied he was bi-polar during a TV interview in the States.

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