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Call The Midwife fans praise Rosie Jones’ performance

Rosie Jones in call the midwife

Rosie Jones made quite the impression when she joined the cast of BBC’s Call The Midwife last weekend.

The comedian and actress played Doreen, who just like Jones, lives with cerebral palsy and is trying to hide her bump from her mother fearing the consequences if she finds out she is pregnant.

Fortunately the mum is fully supportive, welcoming a new member into the family and the baby is born without any complications.

Steven McGann, who plays Dr Patrick Turner, said how “fantastic” it was working besides Jones during a press junket to launch the new season.

“"I believe [show creator] Heidi [Thomas] and the team sent her the script first and said, 'Is this something you might want to do?' And her response was, 'This is just the kind of thing I'd really like to do.' And what a hoot she was. Everyone just kept saying, 'Have you met Rosie? She's so brilliant.' She's one of those people." McGann told RadioTimes.com.

Geordie Glen, who plays Miss Higgins in the popular drama, was extremely impressed with Jones’ acting skills.

"I did think she was superb," Glen told Radio Times. "She was such a wonderful cast member. And she didn't want to be specially catered for in any way. She hung around for hours on set along with the rest of us. She just was amazing."

We find out Doreen was delivered by Sister Julienne [Jenny Agutter] during the World War II ‘Doodlebug’ Raids, but the birth didn’t go smoothly, her clavicle was broken and at 14 months doctors diagnosed her with cerebral palsy.

In the episode, which aired last Sunday 7th January, Julienne admits she has forgotten the birth, but is concerned she may be responsible for Doreen’s disability.

She is reassured by Shelagh Turner (Laura Main) that it was not her fault and "no one can know what causes a condition like Doreen's.”

Following the episode viewers took to social media applauding Jones for her superb performance.

One wrote: "Wonderful work by Rosie Jones on #CallTheMidwife, absolutely thought-provoking and beautifully done. I'm in tears - and crossed my legs very tightly during that birth scene!"

Another post read: "I would like to thank @CallTheMidwife1 for showing a storyline of a person with #cerebralpalsy with such empathy and sensitivity. Give @josierones a #BAFTA now! The cast, Jenny Agutter was wonderful tonight! I find it hard to stem the tears," 

A third said:  "Oh my word, @josierones has got me in tears. Such a fab performance in #CallTheMidwife."

[ Call The Midwife is on BBC One, Sundays, at 8pm - Rosie Jones episode is available now on BBC iPlayer ]

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