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BBC to air There She Goes special episode

David Tennant, Miley Locke and Jessica Hynes in There She Goes

Popular comedy-drama There She Goes returns to our screens tomorrow, June 21, for a special extended episode.

Revolving around experiences in the real world from writers Shaun Pye and Sarah Crawford the plot is based around a married couple with a disabled daughter living with a rare undiagnosed chromosomal disorder.

David Tennant and Jessica Hynes step into the roles of Simon and Emily Yates bringing up their child Rosie, played by Miley Locke.

In the hour-long special we are reunited with the parents trying to cope with their now teenage daughter. As you can appreciate disability or not, that’s still a huge challenge.

Rosie has her heart set on a particular children’s toy which she is adamant is sold in a nearby food shop - which it isn’t.

In an attempt to make his daughter happy, Simon wraps a toy from home and tries to hide it in the shop without causing any suspicion from the staff.

The synopsis is based on a real-life experience which happened between the writers and their own teenage daughter, Joey.

Tennant, who has starred in the show since it was launched in 2018 told Radio Times he was hooked on the drama the minute he read the pilot script.

"I'd never read anything like it," he said. "As Shaun rightly points out, stories about children like this are very rare. But one that was told so candidly, with such rawness and truthfulness, it just felt so compelling to read.

"I’d met Shaun a couple of times, but I didn't know this was his life experience. It was a total surprise to me and yet I was immediately kind of captured by it… every moment.

"I just thought this is so bold and yet it's so true, and so real and so effective."

Tennant continued: "It remains one of the things I'm most proud to be part of. I think it's really special and really different and really human. I'm just really glad we've got to make it once, twice, and now this special as well, because there's not much else like it

"I haven't met anyone who's discovered this show who hasn't been absolutely transported by it."

The show had its second season in 2020, but will there be another series?

Discussing any potential future for the Yates', Pye said: "This show has never been driven by the idea [of], ‘Why don't we make TV show? Where could it go? How many series could we get?’ It's always been led by the [true] stories. Always.

"We've only done this because there was a story to tell. If there are more stories to tell, maybe... I think if it ends here, then it ends here, and I hope that we've done a good job.

"But it's always story-led. We'd never ever sit down and go, ‘How can we eke out all of this?'"

[ There She Goes is on BBC Two, Wednesday 21 June at 9pm available afterwards on BBC iPlayer ]

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