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Bachelorette star removes offensive TikTok post

georgia love

The Bachelorette’s Georgia Love has deleted a TikTok post where she appeared to be making fun of a man with facial palsy.

The 34-year-old filmed a comedy skit of herself receiving a drink from a mystery man in a bar, in the clip she has a fake beaming smile accepting a glass of champagne from the stranger before the camera moves to her secret admirer who appears to be Australian comedian Sammy Peterson, who pretended to have the physical disability.

Love captioned the video: 'POV: You're sent a drink from a guy at the bar... The guy at the bar.'

Sammy Peterson

Sammy Peterson

Her followers were not impressed by her offensive comments, with many sharing their disgust on Facebook.

One reply read: 'Oh boy, Georgia once again missing the mark. When is she going to learn?' 

A second person said: 'This is gross. She often gets it wrong, doesn't she? There's a different between imitating a creep and imitating someone who looks disabled,'

Although one fan came to Love’s defence saying as the guy was a comedian it ‘made sense’ in context’, but he they were shut down by another response which argued: 'He's not himself in the video so it's irrelevant.'

[ You can stream The Bachelorette in the UK on Apple TV. ]

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