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Adepitan visits the most racist town on earth

ade adepitan in front of a huge book detailing the stipulations of living in a town where black people are not welcome

Ade Adepitan hosts a one-off Channel 4 documentary later this month where he travels to one of the most racist places on earth.

The retired Paralympian and TV presenter faces one of his toughest challenges to date and it has absolutely nothing to do with his disability.

Born in Nigeria Adepitan accepts an invitation to spend a week in Orania, otherwise known as the “whites only” town.

Created in the 90s, Orania became a “safe haven” for Afrikaners, descendants of white European settlers.

To this day the town only welcomes white Afrikaners to live and work in the area.

Adepitan spends seven days in Orania which has photos of apartheid leaders, including Hendrik Verwoerd, the “architect of apartheid” ‘proudly’ on display around the town. He spends his time talking to residents, trying to understand why they only allow white people in their neighbourhood.

Many of the locals believe they are not being racist, in their mindset they are following a cultural project to protect traditions of Afrikaners.

Adepitan said: “I learnt a lot making this film.  Through my work I have been fortunate to have encountered many different cultures and environments around the world, but the personal experience I had making this film really opened my eyes. It was extremely challenging and thought-provoking, but I think it’s crucial we highlight alternative points of view and engage with people whose beliefs are different from our own, and we’re grateful to the community for openly and honestly engaging with our documentary.”

[ Whites Only: Ade’s Extremist Adventure is on Channel 4, Monday 18th April at 10pm ]

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