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Youtuber charges disabled people for advice on to how to claim benefits

Charlie Anderson

A Youtuber is making a living charging vulnerable people £650 for advice on how they can claim disability benefits.

Charlotte Anderson explains how to register for Personal Independence Payments [PIP]  in her online channel where she claims half of her successful cases have “purely mental health conditions”.

The 46-year-old from Bucknall, Staffordshire, lives with chronic fatigue syndrome and severe arthritis

Anderson runs a side-line in personalised consultancy around PIP forms which she advertises her business through a YouTube channel which charges up to £650.

The service includes a two hour video call where she asks ‘lots of questions’ and makes ‘loads of notes.’

Anderson’s channel states after the call she will “go away and fill out your form (within 5 working days) for you (if you want to send it to me by post) OR I can write the answers we agree and email it to you so you can fill out the form yourself (and copy what I send you).”

Her website advises claimants to “just be honest. All we are doing is being honest about how our life is impacted.

“Yes you have to explain it in a way that meets to the PIP points, but you need to be honest in your answers. [sic]

“I do not agree with lying to win PIP.”

Anderson lives in a garden shed behind her bungalow which she rents out to tenants to earn some extra cash.

In January she told her subscribers she was unable to take on any more clients because of the high demand.

“I currently have 33 clients that I am supporting with their claims and everyday I log on to my emails; more people have booked me,” Anderson explained.

“It’s too much and this does not include people who have submitted forms and are waiting for assessments.”

A DWP spokesman said: “We are committed to a welfare system that is fair and accurately targeted to those who need it most.

“Our disability assessors are qualified health professionals and we conduct regular reviews to ensure payments are going to the right people.”

[ Charlie Anderson’s 99 videos have been viewed over a million times to date. ]

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