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Ticket company improves services for disabled customers at The O2

The O 2

The company which handles ticket sales for The O2 in London has announced a new partnership with a social enterprise company to improve experiences for disabled customers.

Ticket firm AXS has partnered with Nimbus Disability’s The Access Registration Scheme - which runs the Access Card - to overcome difficulties which arise when booking accessible tickets.

Under the new process people wishing to buy accessible tickets online through AXS, The O2 and O2 Priority will be asked to enter their Nimbus Access Card ID which holds details of their disability, seating requirements and confirmation if they are eligible for a discounted or complimentary ticket for their companion. 

The process will provide a more tailored service, offering ticket locations as well as additional access facilities which may be helpful for the customer.

Chris Lipscomb, managing director of AXS UK said: “At AXS, we are always looking for ways to make the ticketing process even more effective and want it to be as tailored as possible to the needs of our customers. In Nimbus we have a company that will work with us to do just that for disabled people and we are very excited to see this new process launch at The O2,”

Sam Oldham, The O2 venue director, added: “Nimbus has an incredible track record and we are very proud to be working with such a trusted organisation. By bringing in the Nimbus & the Access Card Scheme, it will mean that guests who need accessible tickets can get their requirements met even more efficiently, ensuring their journey continues to be as smooth as possible.”

People who are yet to register for an Access Card or need further assistance can still reach out to The O2’s Contact Centre.

Martin Austin MBE, managing director of Nimbus Disability, said: “We’re thrilled to expand online booking options for our several hundred thousand Access Card holders. Moving to a self-serve online booking experience for disabled people is a game changer – to not have to sit in phone queues or wait for registration forms to be processed really opens up true equality of access for disabled customers,” said Martin Austin MBE, managing director of Nimbus and the creator of the Access Card. 

“We’re also dedicated to making sure that those without an Access Card are able to utilise the same system at no cost by operating a free AXS Access Registration Scheme.”

[ Accessible guests will also be prompted by the AXS and The O2 websites to sign up for the Access Registration Scheme. ]

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