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Nigel Farage misuses accessible parking bay

Nigel farage holding m and s bag outside his b m w

Nigel Farage has been snapped abusing an accessible parking bay whilst out shopping at a M&S store.

The former UKIP leader left his BMW on North Wharf Road, next to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London on 22nd April in a bay marked for blue badge holders.

Farage, now president of Reform UK, was being chauffeured by his private driver.

The two men were seen smoking a cigarette before they went food shopping and stopped off at M&S 

An eyewitness said: "It's outrageous. Everyone else has to obey the rules but he can just park in a disabled bay when he makes rules for everybody else.

Non blue badge holders are permitted to park in the bay, provided they leave within two minutes, but  "subsequent waiting is not allowed without a disabled badge being on display or further exemption". A Westminster City Council spokesperson said: "The council monitors these bays to ensure drivers are complying with the rules."

The witness said: "I wasn't too happy - there were other people trying to look for parking spaces, even to the point where they were pulling up beside me. It was busy so lots of people were looking over at that disabled spot then driving off. The chauffeur driver saw it then I just saw him reverse into the parking spot.

"Nigel Farage got out and walked into a building opposite. The driver walked him into the building, then came out, gone over to another building across road and eaten food. The driver was smoking cigs, spitting on the floor, they had no care where they were parking." The witness said Mr Farage came back with an M&S bag in his hand which he didn't appear to have before. "He must have popped to the shops after his meeting.”

[ Nigel Farage began his career as a member of the European Parliament in 1999 and served as an MEP until the UK officially left the European Union in 2020. ]

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