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Millionaire brags about parking in accessible bays

Luke Desmaris in his S U V

A young millionaire is paying the price for bragging he uses accessible parking bays because he “needs to be close to the shops.”

Luke Desmaris from Chelmsford, Essex, calls himself a self-professed “seven-figure trader” and enjoys causing a stir on social media.

He was recently slammed for bragging how he breaks road laws to receive “VIP” perks, but now he has gone one step further parking his £130,000 SUV in accessible spaces because he’s a “quick person” and “time in money”.

The 28-year-old made his fortune on cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets, he now runs courses advising others on how to become rich.

In a TikTok video he filmed himself stationary in his Mercedes G Wagon outside a supermarket in a bay reserved for blue badge holders.

When asked why he parked in the space without displaying a valid permit Desmaris replies: "To be honest with you mate, I'm a very quick person.

"I need to be close to the shop to save time.

"Time is money.

"Within the two minutes that I'm in the shop, a hundred disabled people aren't just going to turn up.

"That's why I'm parking in the disabled bay."

His shameless video triggered a number of replies from people appalled by his arrogant behaviour.

One person wrote: "It’s not 2 minutes, it’s a disabled bay.

"I’m disabled and people like you are fit and healthy enough to walk a mile to the shops."

Another said: "Rich people don't hang out in the [supermarket] car park."

A third wrote: "No right to park there."

Desmaris has previously antagonised people by uploading clips of himself using bus routes as a “G Wagon lane” and double yellows as “VIP parking spots”.

[ Parking in an accessible bay is an offence, punishable by a fine of up to £100 ]

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