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Hospital forgets to give disabled man medication and an accidental overdose

Shaun Cooke in his car

A hospital has been criticised for giving a severely disabled man “disgusting” treatment when nurses forget to give him medication to treat his epilepsy for six hours and almost gave him an overdose.

Shaun Cooke, from Suckley in Worcestershire, has a mental capacity of a two-year-old, Addison’s disease and epilepsy.

His parents, John and Tracy Cooke, raised concern after staff at Worcestershire Royal Hospital made a number of errors attending to the needs of their son. 

The 30-year-old was admitted on 26th March suffering from pneumonia and sepsis, but was not given medication to control his epilepsy for six hours, his scheduled next dose would have led to an overdose. 

During a previous stay in the same hospital staff accidently gave Shaun an overdose unaware his sister had already given him the medication.

His father said he had to show medical professionals how to give his son hormone replacement injections as they were unaware how to carry out the procedure.

"We have Shaun back home now as we don't feel the hospital is capable of looking after him," Mr Cooke told BBC News.

"It just makes you worry about what is going on in the NHS. It's a very worrying time."

Stephen Collman, managing director of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "We're sorry if any part of the care that Shaun received from us fell short of the high standards that we set ourselves.

"We've spoken directly to Shaun's parents this week and promised that we will look into the concerns they have raised and give them a full response."

Shaun was given a 2 percent survival rate at the age of four when he was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour.

Since the diagnosis his parents have been their son’s full time carer, which has been extremely stressful for them.

"I cry every day. Every single day," Mr Cooke said.

"We do everything for him. That's our life. We have no respite. We have no friends, no-one.

"When you reach adulthood in the care system, you get nothing, they wash their hands of you."

[ Shaun Cooke has been admitted to hospital several times already this year. ]

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