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Doctors urge gamers to minimise sound levels to protect their hearing

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Doctors have sent out a warning to video game players urging them to turn down the volume to protect their hearing, especially those who use headsets and headphones.

That revving on Forza Horizon, bullets being fired left and right and centre in Call Of Duty - these types of sounds could lead to tinnitus or permanent hearing loss.

Dr Lauren Dillard, from the Medical University of South Carolina, US, overlooked 14 studies associated with sound levels and gaming, which identified that the average gamer plays for an average of three weeks a week.

She said: “Video gaming is common worldwide and people often play at high-intensity sound levels and for several hours at a time.

"This is important because it’s possible to ­prevent hearing loss and tinnitus by safe listening practices.”

Any sound which exceeds 85db, similar to the noise of a subway train or a food blender, can lead to permanent hearing loss. The level is lower for children.

Franki Oliver, from UK hearing loss charity RNID, said: “If you use gaming headsets or headphones, it’s really important not to exceed safe volume limits.

“Younger people may not realise how loud the volume is so it’s a good idea to encourage regular breaks and turn the volume down.”

[ More than 70 per cent of UK 12 to 24-year-olds play every week. ]

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