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Disabled Man City fan travels 13 hours to meet his hero

Elano signing a football shirt for Caua

A Manchester City fan living in Brazil was counting down the days for the Treble Trophy Tour to arrive in his country, but it would be a mission.

Cauã Terroso was born with hydrocephalus, his condition can be traced back to waiting in his mother’s womb being starved from oxygen.

Undergoing numerous operations giving his legs more movement, the 26-year-old still needs a wheelchair to move around.

But he can celebrate as much as any other Man City fan when his beloved team scores on the pitch, especially when his hero Elano Blumer is the star player.

His love for the beautiful game was sparked 13 years ago. “It all started with video games, then news, [Elano] helped a lot and so this grew, little by little, and I became this crazy person,” Cauã told ManCity.com.

Although there is some sibling rivalry as his twin brother Luã - who does not have a disability - supports Manchester United.

When Cauã heard that the Treble Trophy Tour was coming to Brazil he was desperate to go, but there was a problem.

At the age of 3 he moved from Rio Grande to Itajai, located on the coast of Santa Catarina with his parents and Luã, which meant he was miles from the two cities where the tour was visiting.

The ‘closest’ city was San Paulo, 600 kilometres and a gruelling 13 hour bus journey -  a flight was far too expensive for the unemployed football fanatic.

Not only was the distance a problem, there was no bus available suitable for Cauã’s wheelchair and it was too much to travel by himself, he needed a companion.

Willian Barros, who worked with Cauã  in the past, heard about his predicament and offered to assist him along the way.

Barros said:  “I had to carry Cauã on and off the bus, move him to his seat, help him to stand up to use the toilet.”

But regardless of the extra help needed he was determined to make sure Terroso would make the tour.

“We are friends and we have built a very strong bond. I have Cauã as a brother to me,” he said.“We are friends and we have built a very strong bond. I have Cauã as a brother to me.”

The boys set off at 11am on 11th January, Cauã avoided eating or drinking during the journey to save having to stop for a toilet break as getting off and on the bus would have been a nightmare.

He recalled how “[The journey was] around 13 hours of travel. [We also witnessed] an accident [on the road] and it took longer.”

Eventually, at 1pm the following day, they arrived at the event taking place at Beach Arena Real Parque where they were greeted by members of Cityzens BR, the official supporters of City in Brazil who helped carry Cauã’s wheelchair upstairs.

But it was worth it - one of the first players to shake Cauã’s hand was - you guessed it! - Elano.

“I started crying. It was spontaneous. I looked to my side and there was Elano and then I couldn’t hold back,” Cauã fondly remembers.

He continued: “The Champions League has always been my object of desire. I’ve already picked a few fights because of it and today I’m here seeing it up close. It’s surreal.”

The next day Cauã was invited to watch City thrash Newcastle with a 3-2 victory sitting next to Elano in the football stadium.

Summing up the experience Cauã said: “Believe in it, fight for it, make as much effort as possible and don’t give up. It is worth it. Come on, City!”

[ Manchester City was not always known by its current name. The club was initially founded in 1880 as St. Mark’s (West Gorton), then became Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 before finally settling on Manchester City in 1894. ]

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