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600,000 people to lose disability benefits

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Personal Independence Payments (PIP) are launched today across Britain which are intended to target those falsely claiming disability benefits although charities believe a fifth of the 600,000 people being assessed, many of which have a genuine disability, could lose their finical support.

ABLE2UK spoke to a number of individuals who do not claim disability allowance, almost 100% agree the new system is a step forward, although they were unaware those coping with long-term illnesses and disabilities would be in danger of losing their allowance.

We believe the reason for their negligence focuses on the continued published reports on benefit frauds which gives the public the overall perception PIP’s will purely affect those making false accusations claiming payments.

The worrying fact is, those not affected by the new allowance may be unaware the crippling effect the government is about launch on people with disabilities.

Those living in the North of England applied for PIPs from April, today those at a working age have to apply facing gruelling and humiliating assessments from October. According to the DWP website some patients will be careful monitored how they undress in front of the examiner.

On the other end of the scale assessments will not be so vigorous concentrated on a simple ‘tick box’ survey. Yet many argue the system will show unfair results, a flaw which has currently been monitored through the current Fit-For-Work assessments which has forced sick people, some going through treatments such as chemotherapy, back into work.

The government will force 75% of disabled people to attend these intimating assessments, all of which will be funded by the tax payer’s money. The interviews will monitor how the patient is able to cook, dress, wash and travel as well as their mental and physical health, reading and verbal skills alongside their ability to communicate with others.

One of the firms carrying out the assessments are Capita, preparing his firm for a backlash similar to ATOS which sparked numerous marches against the healthcare firm, head of PIP programming Stephen Duckworth explained the assessment as “more of an interview than a medical assessment,"

"Applicants could be asked to bend over and touch their toes, but it will not be more complicated than that,"

Patients will be reassessed for the PIP payments next year.

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