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Violent man attacks his disabled boyfriend

Christopher Lee Jones

A judge has heard how a disabled man was physically attacked by his boyfriend after a drunken row.

Christopher Lee Jones, 40, left his 66-year-old partner with multiple injuries which doctors’ fear may lead to bruising on his lung and brain haemorrhage.

The attacker was involved in a heated argument with two other males before he turned on his boyfriend and knocked out his teeth after head-butting him whilst looking after someone’s dog on October 19 in West Yorkshire.

Neighbours heard shouting after midnight about the dog going outside, minutes later a further argument was overheard between Jones and a third man.

Jones’ partner, who has mobility difficulties and struggles to walk without assistance, became scared and found a knife from the kitchen to protect himself, he lost his temper and slashed his boyfriend causing serious wounds.

In response Jones knocked out two of his partner’s teeth, the knife fell to the floor and the victim was kicked and punched in a brutal attack.

Whilst Jones went to clean up his own blood his boyfriend called the police.

When officers arrived they found Jones covered in blood near the back door, he claimed he had just woken up.

Leeds Crown Court heard the victim was also left with three broken ribs and lacerations to the head.

Jones joined his trial by video link from HMP Leeds where he is serving time for one of his 13 convictions for 31 offences.

Barrister Gareth Henderson-Moore told the court Jones said he head-butted his partner in self-defence after he came at him with a knife.

He added: "But since he was on the floor, anything beyond that goes beyond self-defence.

"He is remorseful. He did not want to hurt the complainant but wanted to protect himself.

"It's a matter of excessive self-defence."

Christopher Lee Jones has been jailed for 27 months.

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