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Thieves steal Ex-Marine’s prosthetic legs

Mark Ormrod

A former Royal Marine had his prosthetic legs stolen after staying at a Premier Inn in Chiswick.

Mark Ormod MBE checked in at the west London hotel earlier this month, but during an overnight stay both prosthetics were taken from his vehicle left in the car park.

Ormod, from Plymouth, recounted the incident on social media saying: "They stole a bag full of sweaty gym cloths, another bag with my JiuJitsu Gi in and what's really inconvenient is they took a set of my prosthetic legs!"

The post was read by hundreds of followers, one of which stumbled across the lost limbs.

Announcing the good news, Ormod posted on X [formally Twitter]:  "On my way out of London tonight I checked my emails and DMs and had messages from a woman who said she'd found my stuff just after 8pm last night in an alley by her house and somehow saw my social media post about it! I now have everything back."

the damage to Mark Ormod's car

In an original post Ormod shared a picture of the damage [above] with the caption: "The sad thing is to think that someone would break into a car parked in a disabled parking space and steal equipment someone needs to live independently and not even care."

[ For more information on Mark Ormod visit his official website ]

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