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Stanbridge Earls school faces closure

stanbridge earls school

A couple of months ago we were one of the first people to report alleged sexual abuse at a boarding school in Romsey, Hampshire which supports pupils with learning difficulties.

Since our initial report, which also revealed of a potential stabbing and suicide on campus, it has now been brought to the publics attention at least ten young girls have been sexually abused by former pupils leading to a police investigation which could see the troubled school facing closure.

Since allegations concerning the rape of a 15 year-old girl coping with autism found their way to the national press stories are now emerging about a 12 year-old girl being stripped naked in the woodland area by five pupils. The child was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Parents sending their children to Stanbridge pay up an annual sum up to £39,000 although the tables have recently been turned as the family of the raped girl have received £86,000 following the criminal incident.

The girl in question, who is now 17, has revealed how she was forced to text naked images of herself to former pupils, although the unlawful act has been watered down by Headmaster Peter Trythall.

We can also exclusively uncover another incident which occurred at the school in the nineties under Headmaster Howard Moxon, a execution to France which saw pupils aged around 15 led to questioning and worrying circumstances. Pupils from Stanbridge stayed with French families, on at least one account tales in the school bus led unearthed controversial conversations between a pupil and a daughter of a French family concerning sexual activities although they were never confirmed.

With so many crimes which have been going on behind Stanbridge school gate’s maybe it’s about time the school faces closure and the current Headmaster brought to justice?

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