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Passenger refuses to give up seat to disabled traveller

two priority seats on a train

A train passenger was left furious after someone would not give up their seat to their fiancé with an invisible disability.

The soon-to-be newlywed ensures they always prebook a seat for their partner when they travel because they have weak joints causing discomfort in their ankles, knees and hips if they stand for a long period of time.

But on a recent journey in a busy train carriage their reserved seat was occupied and the person refused to budge.

Sharing their frustration on Reddit, the passenger raged: “I specifically reserve at least one seat online when booking train tickets. My fiancé has very poor joints and can't walk for long periods of time before his ankles, knees and hips start acting up. Granted, this is an invisible disability, but a disability nonetheless. This time the train was quite full so I was relying on that seat so my partner could sit and rest his legs.”

They added: “Bingo, found it. My name up top. I tap the young man on the shoulder and quietly inform him that I need that seat for my partner. He says that his seat is right next to mine and he moved to give an older man his seat. Okay. Cool. But you're in MY PARTNER'S seat. 

“That I had reserved specifically for HIM. If you want to be the gentleman and offer courtesy don't do it at the expense of others! You just end up looking like a massive asshole. Neither me nor my partner had the energy to deal with him and thankfully we did end up finding a seat for him but God am I still miffed. Screw you, random guy.”

Understandably the post attracted quite a few comments in support of the couple.

One person replied:” I had someone try to kick me out of a reserved seat once and it was the correct seat but not the correct train. Her reservation was for an earlier train. I tried explaining that she didn't get to book that same seat on all trains going that day but she didn't get it and was proper pissed off”

Another said: I once reserved a seat on a train with a table since I had some work to do. I get to my seat and find this woman sitting in it. I politely tell her that she’s sitting in my seat, and she responds, “Oh, you don’t have to reserve a seat, no one cares and you can sit wherever.” But I insisted that I needed that seat and for her to return to hers. She started to fight me about it and I didn’t have the energy. I pointed towards the staff at the end of the car and told her that we’ll let them sort it out. She moved quickly after that”

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