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OnlyFans star left disabled after pub brawl

Clinton Chadwick

A bodybuilder and OnlyFans star is suing an Australian bar after he was left ‘disabled’ at the venue six years ago after being involved in a heated brawl.

Clinton Chadwick is taking The Bucket List pub to court for failing to stop the assault.

He attended the pub, which has closed down since the incident, on December 22, 2017, where he had a confrontation with Stephen Martin which was caught on CCTV.

Footage shows Martin sitting at a table when he was approached by Chadwick.

Martin told a South Wales supreme court: “He was being rude and I said ‘let’s go outside and sort it out then’."

Chadwick pushed Martin, who then grabbed a metal stool and hit Chadwick over the head with it twice.

The court was previously told by Chadwick the attack has left him with physical and mental disabilities.

Chadwick went on to admit he could not remember how many drinks he had before he reached the bar, but had consumed at least five litres of beer.

He is now suing the venue for not preventing the fight to cover his medical bills, past and future economic loss and compensation for his physical injuries.

His mum told the court her son has been “struggling” since the attack and she now has a second job to financially support him.

Chadwick used to have almost half a million followers on Instagram, but since the brawl he has become less popular on the social media platform.

Before applying for a disability pension he was earning more than $100,000 [£57,000] thanks to his OnlyFans videos.

[ Stephen Martin was convicted and jailed over the assault. ]

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